In 2021, we launched Phase 1 of our Responsible Business Strategy – called ‘135 Henry Boot’. This enabled us to demonstrate our commitment to being a responsible business and launch three important strategic initiatives: a Community Partnership Plan (CPP), an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy, and a Net Zero Carbon (NZC) Framework.

In the same year, we established our Responsible Business Committee to provide Board level oversight and scrutiny of the Group’s responsible business performance. Board and Executive Committee members were appointed sponsors of our responsible business initiatives and significant engagement was undertaken with our people-led working groups in order to engage and empower our people to inform and influence our responsible business approach.

All of this put us in a strong position to develop and deliver Phase 2 of our Responsible Business Strategy in 2022. Phase 2 sets ambitious objectives and targets for the medium term, ensuring we maintain our bold and determined approach to achieving significant environmental and social value through our work.

We look forward with confidence to generating even more meaningful and long-term value for our people, places, planet and partners in the years ahead.

Click on the images below to view the Responsible Business Strategy and the progress we have made since the launch.

Responsible Business Strategy Phase 2

Responsible Business Strategy 2023 Progress Report

Responsible business report cover image 


Responsible Business Strategy 2022 Progress Report