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Our history

We build on our past. We look to the future.


In 1886, Henry Boot started his namesake business. With an entrepreneurial mindset and 20 years’ experience in the building industry, Henry launched with a single handcart - and a desire to make an impact. By 1914, now with 20 horse-drawn carts and six trucks to his name, Henry Boot delivered government contracts to support the war effort, building army barracks, aerodromes and seaplane bases.
The company grew. So much so that by 1919 Henry Boot became the first home builder to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.




In 1934, Henry’s eldest son, Charles Boot purchased a 158-acre country house estate - Heatherden Hall - for £25,000. Henry’s entrepreneurial spirt clearly ran in the family. Spotting a gap in the market, Charles decided to create a film studio in England that could match their Hollywood counterparts. Pinewood Studios, named after the estate’s signature trees, was designed and built in under a year. It went on to become the most prolific film production studio in the world, home to the legendary '007 James Bond Stage' – and transformed the UK film industry.



During World War Two, Henry Boot was one of the UK contractors chosen to build two temporary harbours at Arromanches in Normandy, France. Once in place, the ‘Mulberry’ and ‘Gooseberry’ harbours enabled 12,000 tonnes of cargo and 2,500 vehicles to land at Arromanches each day. They were pivotal to the success of the D-Day Landings.


We may have evolved and expanded our operations since, but the values and entrepreneurial spirit of Henry, Charles and the Boot family continue to this day. Today, we are responsible for some of the UK’s most transformational schemes, from new residential communities and commercial districts to urban regeneration and highly sustainable industrial and logistics hubs.


We remain committed to quality and to delivering a premium customer service. We work collaboratively and in partnership to seek new opportunities, and to deliver lasting impact. Henry Boot gave us a legacy we’re proud of. A legacy which fuels our desire to be a business where great places start. Then, now, and for future generations to come.