Our commitment to supporting the environments we work in is reflected by three principal objectives which are:

  1. Reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions - To consistently reduce the amount of GHG emissions we produce and implement innovative ways to achieve the lowest possible level of emissions – to ultimately reach net zero carbon.
  2. Consuming resources responsibly - To proactively reduce our resource use and waste creation through improved design and processes, and by implementing circular economy principles.
  3. To be a steward of nature - Henry Boot are committed to protecting and enhancing the environment in all business operations and are proud of our achievements to date and our people’s expertise and enthusiasm in making this happen.

In June 2021, we published our NZC Framework (see below) which sets out 3 focused objectives that our Group will strive to achieve:

  1. To achieve NZC for our directly controlled GHG emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) by 2030.
  2. To enhance our understanding of our indirectly controlled GHG emissions and deliver reduction solutions.
  3. To empower our people and partners to take positive action to collaboratively decarbonise.



Alternatively, you can download a pdf version here.


Henry Boot have always been a business that takes a long-term strategic view, focusing on authentic delivery – and our approach to tackling climate change will be no different. Our Net Zero Carbon (NZC) Framework will guide our business to achieve NZC for our direct GHG emissions (Scope 1 and 2) by 2030. Reducing carbon emissions is not new for us and since 2013 our Scope 1 and 2 emissions have reduced by over 25%. We recognise, however, that now is a time for greater action and increased ambition in order to effectively tackle the significant challenge of climate change.

Our commitment to decarbonise goes beyond reducing our directly controlled GHG emissions. Our NZC Framework will also guide us to enhance our understanding of our indirect emissions (Scope 3) and help us and our commercial partners to develop ways to reduce them. Tackling the challenges of climate change requires partnership and teamwork to develop and deliver innovative solutions. We are committed to working with and supporting our people, customers, and supply chains to collaboratively decarbonise.
We are also committed to working with our partners to enhance and protect our natural environments, reduce our use of resources and production of waste, and to steward nature to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.

The NZC Framework forms a critical element of our Responsible Business Strategy and we look forward to sharing our progress, challenges and solutions with you on a regular basis through our communications and annual report, and collaborating with our people and partners to create a better planet for us all.