Our commitment to supporting the communities we work with and alongside is reflected by three principal objectives which are:

  1. Developing collaborative charity partnerships - To develop long-term collaborative partnerships with charities to address our material issues and add lasting value to the work of those charities.
  2. Collaborating with our communities - To engage and collaborate with the communities we work in, and alongside, to address key societal issues, respond to the challenges they experience, and generate significant long-term economic and social value through our work.
  3. Engaging learners - To collaborate with our education partners to provide insights into the opportunities and experiences of our business and sector for a diverse range of learners, and to offer engaging, exciting, and informative interactions with our business.

Our Community Partnership Plan will find us collaborating with and supporting our charity, educational, and community partners to create meaningful and lasting impact on their amazing work. In doing so, we will be engaging our staff to get involved and utilise their skills, knowledge, and experience to make a huge difference for our communities.