It is essential for us to make sure our people are healthy and fulfilled in their roles.


We recognise that circumstances and people’s needs are evolving, and that it’s more important than ever to foster an open and honest culture, where people are encouraged to discuss their wellbeing.


Workplace health and wellbeing relates to all aspects of our working lives, from the quality and safety of our physical environment to how we feel about our work.


Earlier this year we launched a Health & Wellbeing handbook and programme, containing information relating to the ways we support our people to look after their own wellbeing and that of others around them.


These resources are available to support and improve wellbeing, to make the workplace a healthier and fulfilling environment. There are tools that offer support on a variety of topics, not only in the workplace but for home lives as well.


Take a look at our Health and Wellbeing handbook here for an introduction to the support we offer, and to discover our evolving approach to health and wellbeing and how we are ensuring it is given focus.