Henry Boot are pleased to launch our Agile Working Framework which will support our employees to work in an agile manner and adapt our ways of work for the future. You can find out more about our Framework by clicking the image above.


Project lead and Head of HR Rachel White has been heavily involved in working with colleagues to ensure the Framework captures the experiences and feedback from our employees. Below Rachel shares her thoughts on why the Framework is such an important development for our Group.


"As I reflect on the last 18 months, I have found myself thinking a lot about our corporate Values here at Henry Boot.


We agreed our Values (Loyalty, Adaptability, Delivery, Collaboration, Respect, Integrity) as part of the Group-wide One Henry Boot project in 2017 and never have they been more important than during our response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


I feel proud of our company and all my colleagues as I genuinely believe we have lived each one of our Values daily as we have responded to the challenges facing us. We have remained loyal to our people and partners (and they to us), and collaborated closely with them with respect and integrity as we continue to deliver the top-class service for which we have always been known.


The value that stands out for me the most however is adaptability. Responding to the restrictions and challenges posed by Covid-19 has not been easy but all of our teams and colleagues have worked incredibly hard to adapt our ways of working to ensure we continue to deliver for our clients, our partners, and our communities. Whether this has been working from home or continuing to come to work on our sites or in our depots with safety measures in place, our colleagues have demonstrated innovation, adaptability and an open minded approach to changing how we work but not the standards to which we deliver. We have always said that our people are our greatest asset and that has been proved true time and time again over recent months!



Rachel White – Project Lead and Head of HR


And with challenge and change comes opportunity. For Henry Boot, we have had the opportunity to incorporate greater agility into the way we work and trial new ways of working. Like many other businesses, we have experienced the ups and downs of working from home and working with restrictions, and we have learnt many lessons that can shape the future of how we work together at Henry Boot.


Now we look to the future and the ways we can incorporate the lessons learnt in recent months and adapt our ways of working for our current and prospective workforce. In July we launched our Agile Working Framework which provides a guide to our managers and employees on how the teams across our business can work in the most agile way. With such a diverse Group, it could never be a one size fits all approach, and we recognise that agile working may look different for different teams. The key theme is adaptability and being willing to trial new ideas and ways of doing things to make sure we give our people the best possible working experience and enable them to work at their best. It will enable us to create workplaces that are fuelled by collaboration, teamwork, and innovation. It will help us align with the needs of our people today and in the future.


Ultimately for me, work is about what you do, not where you do it. The introduction of agile working is both people and culture change, it is about encouraging and supporting changes in the way people work, treating them as adults and empowering them to challenge current working practices to deliver better services and to achieve a more balanced work and home life.


We will be reviewing our Agile Working Framework on a regular basis to evaluate the successes and challenges and I look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have for our business."