We launched our Responsible Business Strategy in January 2022 and are proud to have made strong progress against our 2025 targets.  


Our Responsible Business Strategy 2022 Progress Report details the actions we took in 2022 to achieve our objectives and support our people, our partners, and the communities and environments in which we operate.


2022 presented a range of challenges for the most vulnerable in our societies. We are proud of the efforts of our people who worked in close collaboration with our partners to provide financial and in-kind donations to aid to those in need and create meaningful and long-lasting social value. In addition to this, we continued to adapt our ways of working to meet our decarbonisation trajectory and our total direct GHG emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) in 2022 were 12% lower than our 2019 baseline.


To find out more, we have produced a full report, which can be viewed by clicking the below.