Our values are built from the ground up



We welcome change.
We are open to opportunities to do things differently.
We share our knowledge and experience for the greater good.
We seek to positively challenge what we do and how we do it.
We always think about how we could do things better.
We stay ahead of the game.
We are resilient, have staying power.
We are staightforward to do business with.



We set clear mutual expectations and strive to achieve them.
We work in partnership to make things happen.
We promote cross-team working always.
We are a friendly and open bunch.
We look out for each other and want to get to know people.
We have time and patience for people.
We share our financial rewards with our people.

Delivery.jpg (1)


We are relentless in delivering for our customer.
We thrive on our customers' success.
We deliver our best quality work for everyone, no matter what.
We get things done properly.
We are skilled and resourceful problem-solvers.
We are self-motivated to deliver.
We set ambitious goals and meet them.

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We do what we say we are going to do.
We keep our promises, stay true to our word.
We do what is right, not what is easy.
We tackle problems head on.
We operate with the utmost professionalism.
We champion ethical working.
We operate fairly and equitably in everything we do.



We celebrate our heritage, our history and our achievements.
We are committed to giving back to our communities.
We build our reputation on strong relationships.
We build our reputation on repeat business.
We value the longevity of our relationships with our people and our partners.
We are totally committed to our people's learning and development.
We place great value on "growing our own".



We treat everyone in the way they wish to be treated.
We think about what we do, how we do it and how it will impact others.
We recognise and value difference.
We recognise and value everyone's individual contribution.
We foster two-way, clear and constructive communication.
We strive to always meet our commitments and obligations.
We put sustainability and safety at the heart of what we do.