Henry Boot PLC are committed to protecting and enhancing the environment in all business operations and are proud of our subsidiaries' expertise and enthusiasm in making this happen.

We make this happen by applying best practice in all operation of our business through environmental protection, environmental enhancement and sustainable development, such as:

    • Maintaining our ISO 14001 approval for all construction activities
    • Improvement of our Environmental Performance
    • Impact Assessment and Action Plans
    • Assessment and Remediation Strategies
    • Waste reduction, recycling and carbon reduction targets
    • Ethical supply chain management
    • Innovative design, including delivering project under BREEAM to an ‘excellent’ rating
    • Environmental performance against industry key performance indicators
    • Employee training and awareness
    • Comprehensive Sustainable Business Strategy which sets out commitments and targets in the following disciplines:
      • Energy & Climate
      • Natural Resources
      • Waste & Pollution

We are registered with Business in the Community (BITC) Yorkshire & Humber and have acheived a rating of over 95% when measured against their comprehesive environmental index; click here for 2016 BITC report (no longer produced). As a result Henry Boot PLC is now listed as one of the top nine companies in the region on the BITC Environmental Index and have recently been awarded a Climate Change Champion Award.

View our 2017 Greenhouse Gas Emissions report