We take our responsibility seriously and supporting and collaborating with our people, partners, places, and planet is core to our Purpose and Values. We continuously strive to create long term and meaningful social value and impact for the communities and environments we work alongside.

We recognise, however, that the needs of our communities and environments are changing and the time to step up our efforts and collective responsibility is now.

135 Henry Boot is the first phase of our new Responsible Business Strategy and builds on the foundation of our responsible and sustainable business practices. It will find us launching and delivering long term initiatives focused on enhancing our efforts to protect and preserve our environment, to ensure our business is equal, diverse and accessible, and to collaborate with our community partners to address the needs of our society. We have, and will continue to, engage both internal and external stakeholders as we deliver our Responsible Business Strategy to ensure that we address the issues that we collectively consider to be the most material and ensure that we're delivering with strategic focus.

135 Henry Boot will guide us as we develop our strong foundations of responsible business practice and sustainability. We look forward to working together over the years ahead to create long term impact and social value for our places, partners, people and planet.

Case Study
Herd of Sheffield

During the summer of 2016 Henry Boot Construction Limited and Banner Plant Limited teamed up with The Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity in order to safely deliver, as logistics donor, the art installation ‘Herd of Sheffield’, which was a total of 58 elephants all painted by different artists and installed as a trail around Sheffield.

Henry Boot sponsored two elephants: Henry the Constructor which was painted by Deven Bhurke and Heard Sheffield? by Temper. All the elephants were auctioned and raised a fantastic £410,600, with our elephants being auctioned for £5,000 and £7,800 respectively.

Whilst we were unsuccessful in our own bids at auction, we were delighted to receive a bespoke small version of Henry the Constructor, renamed Dave, after our colleague Dave Woodhouse who coordinated our logistical efforts, as a thank you from The Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.